Our Ambassadors.

Everyday so many kids work so hard to raise funds for our charity. Through walking the runway, singing and dancing they are able to raise funds and help spread the news of the work that we do in rural Africa. We are very humbled to have Ambassadors and look forward to appreciating them every year at our Charity dinner. To join our family kindly register and join our events. We do not take applications for Ambassadors, but rather nominate passionate volunteers.

What our Ambassadors do.

  • They help pour charity raise funds all year round.
  • They help get more kids involved in our events.
  • They attend our events to help raise Cancer awareness.


Our Ambassadors are not nominated via a registration but through their dedication to our cause. We are highly grateful and proud of the dedication Ambassadors show towards our work.

If you may want to be considered as one of our charity Ambassador, please register for any of our events and give it your best. You just never know.