I like to help conquer fears, Mandi Gabler

I started body painting in May 2014 with the UK Body paint League. I really enjoy the challenge of getting my “planned” image onto my model in time (5-6 hours) and coming up with ideas for a given theme. My goal this year has been to complete a body paint each month and I was overjoyed to start 2016 off with a StarWars inspired paint on an extraordinary model.

What a way to start the year! I completed one of my personal favourite artworks of all time and found a treasure, another perfect model. I love life, am outgoing and really enjoy working with people of all ages. My personal statement is “challenging fears and changing faces” and I chose it as I adore to help others to move into their power and conquer their fears.

Needless to say, this process and paint change the faces of my clients. Helping others to find their purpose and elation for life is something that brings me great gratification. Each time I paint, I learn more, improve my techniques and watch my artwork come to life while working with a fantastic model and a talented photographer! My pieces all have a ‘story’ behind them.buy your ticket

mandi gabler 1

mandi 3

My first body paint, entitled “Greed” was published in Kustom magazine. In 2010, I started face painting, when asked to help out at a fair by a friend. She gave me some tips and I enjoyed the experience so much that I went on to have training with Bibi Freeman at the London School of Face painting. Bibi’s lessons and support helped me to take my painting skills to the next level! She also made me a member of her “Official England Face painting Team” and I love attending the fast paced fun events that we do with her.

This has enabled me to feel comfortable working in various environments – from private parties, jams, demonstrations to huge events. Since the first time I ‘gave it a go” in 2010, I have painted at the Pickhurst Infant Academy fairs every year and always love their events.

The largest event that I have worked at was Lollibop, where I painted 80 full faces (various designs) in 6 hours.

I am honoured to be bodypainting at CHABSUK to raise funds and awareness for Cancel Cancer Africa. As someone who is from South Africa and has lost framily (friends and family, a phrase coined by my brother) to cancer, this event means much to me.

It gives me joy to be able to help this worthy cause and paint one of my favourite models (Cilicia D Elvin) with the theme Egypt.

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