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buy chabsuk tickets hereI want to kindly invite you to be my guest at a forthcoming charity event that is close to my heart. Please come help me make this event a success. Cancer is a disease that has impacted almost every one of us. It is a disease that we assume most people are aware of.

It is hard to think that there are still areas of the world that are unaware of the early signs and symptoms of Cancer, and do’t have places for simple tests and treatment. This is why I have decided to put my heart into supporting Cancel Cancer Africa, a UK charity working to reduce the rate of Cancer mortalities in Africa.

The work of Ronnie Jacobs is a testament to the compassion and spirit that we all can provide for our fellow man, woman and children. His passion and vital work in educating people about the early signs and symptoms of cancer, building a rural health centre, with his own hands, and supporting doctors in some of the most deprived areas of Africa.

Together we can Cancel Cancer Africa! I want to kindly invite you to come and join me make this event a success.

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Event details:
Date: Saturday, Oct 21st 2017.
Time: 6.30pm – 8.00pm.
Venue: Design Museum, Kensington High Street. W8 6AG.

About Me.

I work in the Health sector as a health care assistant. Everything I do, I do with the passion through serving God. My life vision is to help develop poor people and the homeless to be self-sufficient. I always aim to be successful in all that I do. Growing up in Nigeria gave me the opportunity to see the challenges of people whom are homeless as well as experience the limitations that poverty brings. This lifted my faith to rely heavily God. My Mum is the centre of my life. Love her to bits. I believe my soul purpose is to help others spiritually, materially and financially. I worked in a charity organisation in Liverpool called British Red Cross where I was privileged to work with many people in need. I am passionate about Christ and so put God in front of all I do. This character helps me when I meet people and who need to hear the good news.

Download our PDF Brochure to read more about what we do.

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