My name is Svitlana Harris but most of my friends call me Sweety. I am delighted to be onboard with the amazing team Chabsuk team, a Cancel Cancer Africa event. It will be my first time in the team and I am very excited to work on such an amazing project. I will be representing Burundi. I have always been an artistic person and the discovery of face and body painting has opened new doors for me, both for work and personal expression. When I paint I feel complete and in my own world. I love to see the look of amazement on peoples faces as the creation unfolds.

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I am self-taught as it was a hobby at first but has now grown into a full time job. In addition to face/body painting, I am a fully trained make up artist and hair stylist, having attended the Greasepaint School. This combination of skills helps to create my art. I cant wait to get started on the Chabsuk project as it will bring together people with the same passion for body and face painting as me and also help people in need! I have already sketched my body painting and look forward to sharing this with you very soon.

I support Cancel Cancer Africa Charity because my Mum was diagnose with cancer and went through therapy 17 years ago, I am very lucky to still have her with me.  For this reason I understand some of what families are going through, when their close family or friend is diagnosed and in worse scenario may not manage to survive. My biggest sympathy goes to them and the more reason why we need more project like these. Please make please go to JustGiving now and give a donation now to support this cause. We thank you for your kind support.

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