These are our frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much do I need to Pay to Register ?
£10 only. Your fee helps us raise funds to plan this event and we are highly grateful
How Many Shows will I be allowed to Participate ?
1 Show per Child. This is to enable as much children participate.
Are there other Hidden Fees ?
No. Once you have registered with £10, you do not need to pay any other cost.
What is the Next Step after I Register ?
Once you’ve register we will send you a link to to fill out your form..
Must I raise funds for the Charity ?
We encourage participants to help us raise funds, as it is a fundraising event for Cancel Cancer Africa Charity.
How much do we Need to Raise ?
Following our previous events, the average target that people set is £200. This is very important to us as it greatly helps the Charity raise funds to continue our work in rural Africa. We thank you so much for support us. Make it fun.
What do we need to bring to the event ?
We will provide the full Makeup, Hair styling and Clothing. You are only required to ensure your kids have some food before arriving as we do not serve food due to allergies.
Do you pay for our expenses ?
No. We are Not able to cover your cost of travel, accommodation or others, as we are a small charity.
I Paid but have not heard from you ?
We will be in touch as soon as we can as we have many applications and work with volunteers